Person & Home

I am 34 years old and live in Hanover, Northern Germany.

Having a strong connection to South Africa due to the time I lived there in my youth, I am also a member of a graffiti crew from Johannesburg, the “Envious Crew“.

I love travelling and of course painting is part of my travels as well. My other passions are movies, music and motorcycling.

Graffiti & Art

I have always been an artistic kid and as a teenager I was strongly attracted by hip-hop and it’s art forms. Therefore I started writing graffiti in 1998. During my first years I did street bombing and train writing until I got busted. From then on I only painted legally. The following years I already had some commission works but it wasn’t until 2013, when I decided to quit my job as a web designer and programmer to live from my art and for it.

Style & Aspiration

Graffiti to me is an artistic movement which is part of the hip-hop community. I respect this a lot and teach young people about the history of graffiti in my workshops.

My personal focus has shifted from classical style writing with letters to painting murals and canvases with photorealistic motifs. I do not try to limit my art to a specific style or motif because inspiration is a very dynamic process to me.


years experience


artworks painted

Free Artworks

My free works are dominated by movie and music related motifs. I love painting animals and portraits. Sketching in my blackbook is still a welcome addition to my murals. My lettering is quite diverse although I will never call myself a classical “style writer”. The best inspiration I can get is painting together with other artists.

Commissioned artworks

I offer all kind of commissioned works. From large murals to canvases, object and interior designs to events, workshops and advertising artworks. Contact me, if you have an idea or a project you want to discuss.